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Jul 26

Mick loves Keith, you know. They’re like a married couple and they’re dearest friends. And it gave Mick a very good feeling to be able to help Keith. He did it staying with us in Woodstock. He got off heroin right on our couch. I don’t know if Keith even remembers this, but for a few weeks he was just lying there. Mick and I would feed him. And every time the clips fell off we’d hook them back on. And we’d cover him with a blanket at night…

He just slept and slept all the time. And he lost a lot of weight and when he got up he’d be so weak. And then he started getting better. You know the feeling you have when you have a child and you watch him grow? We were like Look, he’s having a bath! and Oh, did you see what he was doing today? He’s really much better.

Then when he started getting more together you could see him getting more macho. His ego thing was coming back and he’d start going out and throwing knives at trees. He started getting his temper back and we didn’t mind that because it was a good sign. And he started suntanning and started exercising and Mick talked to him a lot and it was so sweet to see. For Mick, seeing his friend get himself together is what made him really never want to take strong drugs again.

” — Jerry Hall (1985): Mick and Keith in Woodstock (via tumblingstonesandrollingdice)

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Jul 23

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“Are you disgusted? …Or is that your “resting bitch face”?” — My sister to me. I was watching 30 Rock with (what I felt to be) no discernible facial expression (via jedgica)

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“Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.” — ― Coco Chanel (via psych-quotes)









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